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2015 New Year’s Eve  Jerry’s Dream “…unity between the species, between the world religious faiths and between individuals…”

In the dream I found myself in sort of a wilderness setting, and all these elephants start coming towards me, they wereAfrican and Indian elephants both, so this makes it is not a specific geographical location partially (I think that was what they were  telling me ) and in the dream was the Virgin Mary,  and I could see she also Mother Mary and she had a special rapport with the elephants and sort of telepathically they were asking me to join them in this splendid rapport they were all sharing, and the Virgin Mary was stroking the trunk of the elephant, and then I realized this particular elephant was Ganesh, and it was Ganesh and theVirginMary and the then theother animals,  the elephants, and sort of beyond, that it was sort of like everything, all created life, ever expanding outward,  it encompassed everything, it had no limits, it may just encompass, the entire physical multi verse,  it was like radiating from that point, and I have shared that with Bonnie before, that I find that there is some sort of connectedness, there is some  sort of a clue in the encounter with the major world religions, they were saying things on so many, many, many levels, they were communicating with these elephants who were talking to me like  telepathically, and I know and I have read before and since more about elephants and about how they  communicate, they do communicate  over long distances, and they are very empathic and they communicate with other species, like the whales, and so forth and there is this dialogue that is going on that humans are just totally not unaware of, between these species, and some of them are facing extinction, possible extinction, and some are OK with the idea, some are sort of like fighting it, and saying it like the, “Water Protectors” “We are not going to lie down and let this come to pass.” and but anyway, if we really want to be involved, we have to throw ourselves into the fray and I seem to be reading different  things, keep coming my way, things about how the different world faiths really need to get together and quit their  infighting and bickering and get over these fine points of theology, and hair splitting and that sort of thing and come together. And the elephants have continued to communicate in that way and I just feel a great love and affinity toward them and other species as well, and I have noticed since that where ever I go, cats come up to me and birds (laughter) and everything and “What is going on there?” and any ways it is just like Bonnie was pointing out earlier about that oneness, that unity and I think that is where the salvation comes in, with that unity between the species, between the  world faiths, between individuals.

In the last couple of weeks too I have been having a lot of dreams of Native Americans in and they are telling me that we need to reclaim that spirituality and they are willing to share it, but on a deep level,  not superficially and  so often it  has been misappropriated and we really need tonot just have the trappings but to get to the soul, by going about at it superficially, we will have missed the point, it is worse than not  going in that direction at all, if you are going to do it superficially, because it will really get us off track.

The elephants came down, as you probably know, like at dusk the animals  usually go to drink, especially in Africa and other places and that is the time when all the other species have  a time out where they all get along, and they comefor water and it is  the divine feminine that is bringing tying it all together and  tying it all I  together, and also we are kind of at that point tooso this is a possible dusk  we are at the end of this age and it is like  age for the Aquarius and so for the Aquarian age to come in  it needs to be completed just like when you get a passing grace in school you have to get a passing grace

We are right now cramming for finals and in that sense we need to pass on to the  next level.

Things come my way that confirm what I dreams sometimes.  At any rate This has been documented

now that that elephants were coming extremely close to the shore down to the edge of the ocean in places which was very unusual behavior and at the same time the whales were coming very close to the shore and it seems very unusual behaviorand then with very sophisticated sensitive instruments they could see that there was communication going on sounds and everything. Those that are gifted with being able to communicate with animals and  what I picked up in my dreams,  that the elephants were trying to convince the whales to hang in and the whales were like,   “Ok it is really over with. It is a lost battle. We are going extinct and we might as well just accept it and just say Adios, but the elephants they are going, “No, no, it is not over. You have to hang in there and fight. We are going to conquer this, we are going to reach the people we can.  ”

I kept saying, “What am I supposed to do? No one is going to listen to me.” “Yes they will. Just do what you are doing. Don’t try to do anything spectacular or anything.” I thought that I hadto go in front of the   United Nations and give a speech  because of these dreams I have been having and I thought they would throw me into in a psycho ward somewhere  and  they said, “No, no it is the energy. It is at the energetic level.  These other things various things will spin off from that but you have  it take place on the energetic level first, so I said “What am I supposed to do?” They said, “You are doing it already!” (lots of laughter!) “I said OK!”

Sophia's Dream

January 14, 2016

Thursday Dream Group, Sophia (Please use a name other than your own if you wish and please give the dream a title and date)

October 2015, Emotional Disconnect but on second thought it should be Green Vase.

2. Invitation of characters and symbols that we invited to dream circle

3. Dream Group Conversation

4. How will I honor the dream in a concrete way in the following week? What is this dream sharing with everyone in our human family? 

Thursday Dream Group, Sophia

October 2015,“ Emotional Disconnect” but on second thought it should be “Green Vase”

I was at Damien’s Home.  Cruella was sleeping in the bedroom.

I walked in she was ugly looking and not  emotionally there. Cruella was faking it. Damien comes home I confront him. He says nothing. He is not emotionally there.

I accidentally break this large beautiful emerald green  vase.

I am picking up the pieces. They are scattered everywhere. I keep finding more pieces to pick up.

I find some later and pick them up as well. I want to make sure I pick them all up. I do not want people hurting themselves. A party is going on in the back room.

There are comfortable red velvet sofas,   purple pillows and thick velvet draperie,.beautiful old Persian rugs old tables. it looked like a gypsies house. It was warm and cozy. Some people were dressed in costume. Cruella attends. No one likes her. Everyone knows and they are not interested in her annoying self-centeredness and she is acting promiscuous. She is trying to pick up a guy from downtown.

A guy came up to me and started sharing his views on different things, I liked him.

I stood up in the middle of the living room and yelled out, “This is a Dream. We are all dreaming”.

Cruella comes over still trying to pick up guys. We all ignore her. She has a journal. I grab it and try to rip it. I am tired of her arrogance. She does not respond.

Damien arrived. He is disconnected and in his own world.

.2. The next part of dream group we Invite the characters and/or symbols. We invite them by name and suggest places for them to sit or reside in our dream circle

Damien, Cruella, Vase, Guy in the Living Room, Gypsy House and the Journal. Lastly we invite the Bringer of Dreams.

I asked my characters and symbols who are you and what are you doing here?

I am feeling  pissed at Cuella and told her how I felt about her hurting me and possibly other women and claiming to be so "spiritual." I asked her to leave the dream circle. That felt good, because what I wanted to say is I don't like woman not supporting each other and back stabbing one another. 

I was empathetic to Damien and understood that he had to heal the childhood issues. I am on the verge of forgiving him

The green vase I was so sorry I broke it. It was an accident and I will take it and recycle it in the ocean so it can become beautiful and  smooth ocean glass after years of being tumbled in the water.

I ask the The Bringer of Dreams and he shared that the broken pieces and green represented the heart and the earth.

Dream Group Conversation

We discussed the Idea of getting some green glass and breaking  it and taking it to  the ocean but I did not want to do that. I do not want anyone to step on it. My take on the dream is that I have broken heart pieces to mend like the broken glass. Even though I had picked up most of the pieces there was more to pick up….

The dream is about having a Broken Heart. Collectively we have damaged both our hearts and our wounded hearts become insensitive and we have damaged the earth and hurt one another--something to that effect.

How will I honor the dream in a concrete way in the following week?

I will buy a green vase and break it and make something.